What if I have to cancel?

We appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. We may charge 50% of the normal visit fee if you cancel with less than a 24 hour notice. Does someone have to be home while the cleaning is going on?

Does someone have to be home while the cleaning is going on?

While it’s nice to meet your personal crew and inform them of special details for your home, it isn’t necessary. Some of our customers give us garage or door codes, hide the keys on the property, leave a back door open or give us a key to keep on file. We hold our customers’ keys in a locked safe. Keys are dispatched in the morning of the cleaning. At day’s, end our night time secretary signs in all keys and securely locks them up.

Will I get the same crew?

Absolutely! If you’re a routine client, we try to keep the same crew for our customers whenever possible. There will always be at least one employee who knows what is most important to your home’s cleaning in case of an employee vacation or illness. That’s another advantage of our team-cleaning concept However, it’s extremely to maintain a consistent schedule so you don’t lose your routine crew to a client reassignment. For example, if you are scheduled every other Thursday, and you move or cancel a visit, we must reassign your crew to another client to replace the canceled time slot. It’s also helpful to have a wider window of arrival so we don’t have to reassign if your normal crew is running behind on any given day.

Will I have a set day and time?

Yes if you are a weekly or semi-weekly client, we’ll assign you a set day and regular crew. Monthly clients serviced every 30 days can also request the same crew or the same day. Most routine clients select our “eco-friendly” option of a wide 8am-4 pm arrival window to receive a discount. This flexibility also allows us to schedule the same crew each visit. It also helps us route your crew more efficiently while saving gas and reducing our carbon footprint. We also offer a first call appointment, a morning, or an afternoon arrival for those clients needing more specific appointments.

Do you work on weekends?

We don’t currently offer weekend service. The reason for this is our service is built around routine clients who typically prefer to be away when the cleaning is being performed.