Intensive Cleaning

We customize the service to give you
the best value and client experience.

Drastic times call for some drastic cleaning. Our Intensive Care Cleanings are designed to put more focus and detail than our Routine Cleaning.

We assure you that even though the cleaning is intense our cleaning crews will not damage or disrupt the essence of your home.

Intensive Cleanings are like our routine cleanings, but taken to the extreme and then some more with extras like:

  • For bathrooms, we literally get on hands and knees to completely disinfect everything. And we do mean everything (shower, tub, vanity, sink and most importantly… the toilet).
  • For your kitchen, we remove gunk and grime from every surface—from the outside of the refrigerator to the inside of the microwave.
  • Dust from ceiling to floor, including hard to reach places.
  • Make mirrors and glass work spot and smudge-less
  • Detail light switches and outlets.
  • Vacuum all surfaces leaving not a speck of dirt.
  • Mop until your floors shine.

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So whether you’re planning something special like a family reunion or it’s just been too long since your home had a serious cleansing, when we’re done, it’ll be like walking into your home for the very first time.