Do I have to supply you with a credit card?
Yes. We will not schedule any home or commercial cleaning jobs unless we have obtained a valid credit card. We keep this card on file in conjunction with our payment, non entry and cancellation policies. All customers receive literature clearly stating our terms and conditions. We are happy to accept cash and personal check for payment. We do not bill at a later time.

What if I have to cancel?

Unlike most other cleaning companies you sign no contract with Cleaning Concepts. Cancel anytime. If you are a routine client, it’s best to maintain a consistent schedule so you don’t lose your routine crew to a reassignment.

Does someone have to be home while the cleaning is going on?
No. It is nice to meet the crew and go over anything in your home you feel is pertinent. But it is not necessary as the rep who books the job will record all the details for your home or commercial cleaning over the phone. Some of our customers give us garage codes, hide the keys on the property, leave a back door open or give us a key to keep on file. We hold about 80% of our customers’ keys in a locked safe. Keys are then dispatched in the morning the day of the cleaning. At the day’s end our nighttime secretary signs in all keys and securely locks them up.

Will I get the same crew?
Absolutely! Unless there is an absence on the crew we try to keep the same crew in our customer’s home. If there is an absence at least one person on the crew is familiar with your home and they will fill the other person in on what’s important in your home. If you are a routine client, it’s best to maintain a consistent schedule so you don’t lose your routine crew to a reassignment.

Do I have to supply anything?
No. We bring all our own equipment and supplies. We use only Green Seal certified products that are safest for our customers and the environment.

What if I am not happy with the services?
We GUARANTEE your 100% satisfaction. We confirm your satisfaction prior to leaving the home, the following day and through various methods such as responsive email and comment cards. We will never ask you to pay for a visit if you are not satisfied and will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue including discounts and refunds.

Can I set the time and day for my cleaning?
You can choose whatever day provided we have availability—it will then become your set day. The only set time we can promise is the 8-9 am arrival time because it is the first appointment of the day. You can request a morning (8-12) or an afternoon (12-4) arrival time, and we can accommodate these requests. If you are flexible we’ll give you a discount to help us route efficiently by allowing an open arrival (8-4). We save gas and reduce our carbon footprint. We will always call, text, or email when our crew is on the way.

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