The house was unusually dirty, since our regular house cleaner had been sick for several weeks –and Christmas was coming fast so I was very concerned that we get cleaner and neater before the holidays when all our kids and grandkids would be coming. They resolved these worries in three hours!
These young women have been well trained and experienced. In addition, they are exceptionally efficient–both fast and thorough–and are also very pleasant.

Victoria, Webster Groves , February 2013

For $75, every 2 weeks, they provide basic all-over cleaning, including vacuuming, dusting, floors, bathrooms, making beds, kitchen counters and microwave. I’m very happy with the service. I’m not usually home when they come, but the one time I’ve met the cleaners, they were very nice and professional and took great care with my items. Our very first visit, we had a leaking toilet and they cleaned up the area, turned off the water and called us immediately. They stopped what could have been a very messy situation.

Rachel, St Louis Hills, September 2014

They send 2 people out to do the job each time they come. They clean for about 90 minutes each time they come out to clean. They have always managed to get the job done in the allotted time. I think the cleaners are very polite and do a good job. They are very punctual.

Marlene, Lemay, July 2014

They did a great job. In fact I wanted to keep them on for monthly cleaning. Much better than last cleaning service I had.

Hope, Ballwin, July 2014

They always show on schedule, and they do a thorough job. The owner is very helpful and responsive and definitely takes a hands-on approach. In fact, she came out to clean on this most recent job, and they always ask me to check and look for anything that they might have missed. Ultimately, I’m very happy with them and will continue to use their services.

Diane, Lafayette Square, April 2014

The 2 cleaners arrived within the time window stated. They cleaned our house: dusting furniture, shelving, knick-knacks, window sills, baseboards, vacuuming rugs and wet mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. My house had not had a complete, thorough cleaning in 6 months, so I am very happy!

The ladies were very efficient and polite. I would, definitely, hire them again.

Janis, Bel-Nor, June 2013

A whole house cleaning before my daughter’s wedding. I was very pleased with the service. They were prompt, courteous, and did a very nice job… I would definitely hire them again.

Tamara, University City, May 2013

Cleaning Concepts did outstanding work, doing general house cleaning. Everything was immaculate. The folks were on time, and did all they said they would do, and did it very well. I highly recommend Cleaning Concepts!

Susan, Creve Coeur, June 2013

Deep cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. They got the baseboards and all the little areas I had no time to clean. They cleaned the kitchen beyond my expectations. They did an excellent job. When they got into the job, they were clear about how much could happen and how much more could happen if they stayed for an extra 1/2 hour. They did a wonderful job at a great price.

Michael, Kirkwood, June 2012

Excellent service! The company has a friendly receptionist for scheduling service. The service providers were prompt and professional when they arrived at my home. They impressed me by listening attentively to my cleaning requests. They are skilled and worked diligently. Their attention to detail is evidenced by the quality outcome of the cleaning. Will do business with this company again.

Stephanie, Crestwood, May 2013

Incredible job. I really liked this company and they did a great job. They had things well under control during a move and always left my home better than they found it.

Anne, South St Louis, July 2014

Did a very good job and the house looks great.

Tony Chesterfield April 2014

Great! Everything went very well. I’m considering having them come on a regular basis.

Debbie, Tower Grove, November 2013

Tanya is the team leader for the team who cleans my house. She makes sure they do a Great Job!
I really appreciate what Tanya does to make sure my house is cleaned right.

Bette, Ballwin, April 2014

This was an initial cleaning and there was a ton of work to do… an extra bonus – they liked my dog & of course, he liked them!

Patricia, Creve Coeur, December 2013

I purchased a “deal” for 12 hours of housecleaning. On the first appointment, they worked 6 hours to do some deeper cleaning. On the next two visits, they worked 3 hours each. They sent the same team all three times so they knew my preferences without having to explain each time. I had them focus on different parts of the house, depending on whether my college-aged children or guests had used it since the last cleaning. The ladies worked hard and were courteous at all times. I was raised “scrubby dutch” (hands and knees scrubbing of floors, etc.) and find that no professional house cleaners are quite that picky. Compared to other services I have used, this one was as good or better than others.

Catherine, Mehlville, March 2013

They were prompt, kind and got right to work. They seemed genuine in their concern for my satisfaction. I was very pleased with their work.

Tracy, Ballwin, June 2013